The ACMC meeting for August focused on the upcoming showcase event being held at Rocklea Showgrounds on October 19. This is an important and unique event for a number of reasons, and the invitation goes out to all motoring enthusiasts regardless of vehicle preference to simply bring your automotive pride and joy along. It's being set up as a fun day for the family with plenty to see and do.

As you would no doubt be aware of by now the success of the ACMC has a lot to do with fact that they represent such huge numbers. Together as motoring enthusiasts we are many and that has made the government take notice. That is why the ACMC now has seats at all the important tables that affect motoring in Qld and NSW. While the ACMC had to kick a few doors open, demonstrate perseverance and stand strong in the beginning, the reality today is that the Government now invites the ACMC to be involved in current motoring affairs.

A quick example of this is the recent invitation extended for the ACMC to make submissions, and be involved in the mandatory 6 month review of the Governments Anti Hooning Legislation introduced last November. The ACMC Secretary recently asked for and received from the Qld Premiers office a brief on vehicle impoundments and more specifically vehicle impoundments relating to 'illegally modified' vehicles in the eight months up to 1st August. In total, a staggering 10,065 vehicles were impounded, immobilised or eligible for forfeiture in Qld as a result of type 1 and type 2 offences. For the type 2e (permit/drive illegally modified vehicle)offence there was 12 immobilisations and 5 impoundments. That's a total of 17, which represents 0.17% of all vehicles impounded, immobilised or eligible for forfeiture. That's not even a quarter of one per cent. It has been high on the ACMC agenda since the beginning to have this type 2 offence removed from the anti hooning legislation and these figures certainly back the case.

The simple truth which I have mentioned in these reports before is that just because a modification does not comply to a vehicles original ADR has nothing to do with the vehicle or its occupants safety, or an increase in risk to other road users, it is simply that it does not comply. The point here is that it's one thing to be issued a defect notice for mods and be told to remedy it, it's a whole different story to be labelled a hoon, and be on your way to having your vehicle impounded, costing you thousands of dollars, and negatively impacting daily life. The first step will be to remove this 'offence' from the hoon legislation, the longer term goal will be to work with relevant authorities to iron out the National Code of Practice to a more understandable easier to use structure, while working to make it normal practice for all of us to consult approved engineers before, during, and after modification work, so that much like NSW does now, we can modify within the NCOP scope easily (still with certification where required) but we can go beyond those guidelines provided the engineer is happy to approve and sign off, like the hot rod guys do.

Lastly, what do you think the most common type 2 hooning offence that almost 20,000 people were charged with in 8 months? Twenty thousand people are now hoons for 'driving without a valid licence'. Bad, for sure, but a long way off what people view as 'hooning', although you can bet when the Government paints a picture of their 'anti hooning' success for the public it will come across in a way that makes all the people at home think that 20,000 'hoons' have been taken off the roads and the world is now a safer place. They won't mention that Granny forgot to renew her licence.

Back to the future please lock in October 19 and support the ACMC show at Rocklea. Its an opportunity for us all as members of both our respective scenes, and the wider motor enthusiast community, to show everyone that we will indeed stand together for a better, fairer deal. We stand for road safety and the responsible use of vehicles on the roads, and we also believe in our rights and freedoms to personalise, modify, and choose what we drive.