If you are a passionate car enthusiast who would genuinely like to help our campaign to be seen in a more positive light in the media and with the Government then you can do two things to help.

1. Talk to the members of your local car clubs about having the club become affiliated with us (, members count, the more of us that join then the stronger our voice is in Parliment and the media.

2. Proudly display the window sticker enclosed in the Sept/Oct 2012 edition of Motormouth, on your Street Machine, Hot Rod, Custom or Muscle Car in an effort to to show our solidarity.

ASMF Window Sticker

The people who make our laws offered this as a suggestion so that Police can easily identify those of us who are committed to this cause. If you require more than 1 please do not hesitate to ask.

They are not to be displayed on your daily drive thank you.

Every single one of us has to drive the change behind this campaign, a momentary brain explosion in front of your mates or a crowd while you are driving your Street Machine, Hot Rod, Custom or Muscle Car on the street is not an excuse, ever.

We are all in this 100%, keep it safe and help save our lifestyle.