To all ASMF members,
As you would be aware from the Secretary's report in the last newsletter, the formation of the Old ACMC (Australian Confederation of Motoring Clubs) is well under way, and the ASMF Secretary, State Director and delegates have made representation to the ACMC on our behalf. The ACMC meetings are held monthly, and Adam Reeves and myself have accepted nominations as the ASMF delegates to the ACMC. At the last ASMF meetings it was nominated and passed that we affiliate to the ACMC, thereby adding another 2500 numbers to the cause. As an ASMF member, or ASMF affiliated club member, your number is being counted. Encourage any non affiliated car enthusiast friends to join the ASMF directly, or better still, get them to talk to their club about affiliating.

The formation of the ACMC marks for the first time in Australian history, the coming together of all motoring enthusiast chapters under one umbrella. Motor enthusiast organisations contributing to the ACMC include us, the Australian Street Rod Federation, the National Street Machine Association, the peak 4wd Association who represent a huge number of 4wd clubs, Skylines Australia and Downshift, who represent a huge number of imports and modern cars, just to name a few. The bottom line is, we all face the same issues, and the only way we will garnet respect and understanding of our hobby, passion and way of life, and separate ourselves as genuine motoring enthusiasts from the misguided mas media, public, and government perceptions that anyone who likes modified vehicles is a hoon and a danger to society, is by presenting a unified front that has the numbers to make the authorities listen, and engage in constructive and open dialogue to find solutions to the various issues in this area.

Inroads have already been made in Qld by the ACMC in opening up communication channels with authorities, including Qld Transport, police and MPs, right up to the Premiers office. The numbers continue to grow, and the ACMC committee are dedicated, and devote a huge amount of time and effort to this cause, including recently attending the NSW motor enthusiasts rally and conference in Sydney, and meeting with their NSW counterparts, who formed 18 months earlier, but are already at the stage where the NSW Transport minister is speaking at their conference, and listening to their concerns. It is said that the NSW ACMC now speaks for 300,000 people. This is the way forward for us as motoring enthusiasts, and the ACMC has huge future potential, standing for our god given and constitutional rights to own, personalise, and drive whatever vehicles we want, provided they meet a fair and just level of safety and engineering certification, and that they are driven appropriately on the road, along with maintaining our right to use those vehicles for recreational pursuits at suitable venues and events.

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Darryl Elliot, ASMF Delegate to the ACMC
ACMC Nominations.

I would like to thank Darryl Elliot and Adam Reeves for accepting the nomination of delegates to the ACMC.
Thanks Paul J Denman, State Director ASMF QLD DIV INC.