The exciting news for this issue is the election of Motoring Enthusiast Party candidate Ricky Muir to the federal senate in Victoria at the recent polls. I don’t know much about politics except that its a dirty game, so I suggest you grab the current edition of Street Machine magazine for a run down on the overall picture. The AMEP Secretary and chairman were both present at the recent ACMC meeting and answered the couple of questions I had. Firstly, is just one guy going to be able to do anything? And secondly, he’s in Victoria, how can that help us in Qld.? Turns out, this is a big deal. It means that motoring enthusiasts Australia wide now have a representative at the biggest table in the country. He doesn’t actually slot into the senate seat until next July, so he has plenty of time to sort things out. The first important thing we as supporters need to understand is that the big parties, and the mass media will do their best to discredit senators from the smaller parties. An interesting point here is that this election had by far the highest number of votes to small parties ever. Voters everywhere have had a gutful of these major party jackasses and their self interest ideals, that usually result in blatant disregard for peoples rights and freedom, coupled with a blatant thievery that see’s them get massive pay hikes at tax payers expense while the rest of us that pay those taxes for them struggle in a tight economy. How much has your pay increased in the last few years?. Real people want to be represented in Parliament by real people, so take with a grain of salt what the mass media tell you, and what the big parties say about the micro parties. The big guys are already trying to change the voting/preference system yet again, to try to stiffle the votes these little guys get, but the current system is the one they changed it to previously to benefit themselves. Bear in mind the AMEP was only formed a few months before the election, and candidates throughout other states were finalised and registered barely weeks out, so the recent result is nothing short of astounding. It goes to show that motoring enthusiasts will not be walked over.

The ACMC are striding ahead with the AGM now done and dusted, and working groups are moving on the various issues affecting the motoring community. Meetings are underway to discuss the recent police targeting of the Downshift show at Rocklea. Many interesting facts arose from that discussion, not least of which was the kid who got a defect notice for his handbrake because it didn’t click within the first inch of movement. Huh? Does that automatically mean the handbrake won’t hold the car if its parked on a hill? Wouldn’t, and shouldn’t that be the test of whether or not the handbrake works? Then there was the window tint issue, lets not even go there, its just another of those hollow compliance regs that makes no sense. And in case you’re thinking well, I don’t need to bother about it because they are only targeting imports and young kids,-no, we’ve all seen the Camaro getting done over at a show on the northside, and at the Downshift gig a brand new SS Commodore two weeks out of the showroom was being checked as the owner explained it was factory spec-no mods only to have the cop reply that if they look long enough they’ll find something. After half an hour they didn’t, and gave up on that car. And when the cops were asked why they were targeting that event the reply was, If you want lollies you go to the lolly shop. So there’s clearly bigger things at stake here. And in being fair to the cops-they don’t arrive at work on a Sunday morning and decide for themselves what they are going to do that day. They get orders to go do whatever it is. Those orders come from higher up, and their orders come from higher up, chain of command and all that stuff, so where does the buck stop?

It stops at the Premiers office because he spouted on that he would bring in Australia’s toughest antihooning laws if he got in. Now the day is going to come where he’s held accountable for that election promise, and guess what, he will stand up there and say that his anti hooning legislation has resulted in X amount of impounded cars, x amount of defect tickets for illegal modifications which he will spin to make out that basically thousands of dangerous hoons and their vehicles have been removed from Qld roads, so therefore everyone sitting at home believing everything mass media and government tell them will think they are safer on the road thanks to him, so that will be another feather in his cap for getting reelected. But remember, darker than legal window tint is an “illegal modification’ just to name one ‘non compliance’ defect that can be counted in the anti hooning statistics . That’s how they fudge it, because lets be real, if he stood up there and gave out the numbers for how many people got done for dangerous driving, driving in a reckless manner etc-actual real stupid proper hoon behaviour on the roads- the real people they should be targeting and removing from the roads, his figures won’t look that great. That’s where its all going wrong. Nobody supports anti social behaviour on the roads, but we support safe driving, and the right to own old, and/or modified vehicles if we so choose. And if you think you’re safe just because your classic ride is stock, not so, because once they kill off the car scene for the import guys, and then the modified cars, all it will take is a politician like the woman senator that was involved in the import law fiasco a couple of years back who was dead against and banging on about these old cars being imported and that they shouldn’t be on our roads at all because they are just so old. No sensible reason whatsoever, just because they are old so don’t comply with new car safety standards. But now motoring enthusiasts have Ricky Muir in the senate, and the ACMC working at ground level. All we need to do is support our cause, and support the ACMC, and the AMEP. You can check out the AMEP’s core beliefs and policies on their website and make your own mind up, or check their facebook page. And don’t forget cruizefm online radio station, interviews and discussions all for the motoring enthusiast.

Stay safe on the roads, have fun at the track.

Darryl Elliot