ACMC Report Wrapping up 2013 - The year of the car enthusiast.

The year that is now closing out will go down in history amongst car enthusiasts as the beginning - as the year that for the first time ever, all disciplines of the modified vehicle community came together and presented a united voice and front, in short, the year that some people got off their asses and decided that we were not going to lay down and be trampled on by government legislation that was not meant for us, but was certainly going to catch us in the crossfire . Despite the fact that we started on the back foot- legislation was already on the way in and couldn’t be stopped, there is no disputing the huge inroads, the professionalism, and the respect that the ACMC has garnered in just over a year. Representatives have come to the table from us-the street machiners and other street machine associations, the import scene, the Street Rod federation, the 4WD associations and more, and turned up month after month as we discussed issues, put together plans – both short and long term, and organised working groups to concentrate on specific issues and areas and to bring results back to the table. This happened, and it worked. The ACMC is now on, and at, pretty much any gathering, discussion, or meeting that involves car enthusiast interests by both Qld Transport and government departments and often includes senior police. The ACMC is being invited to these working groups, discussion groups, and meetings to represent us, and our interest in owning and driving classic and modified vehicles. This came about because the President Sharyn Littler, and the Secretary Aldo Tumarello worked their butts off all year to get us to this point. Lets remember, there is nothing more in this for them than there is for us, they willingly gave up huge amounts of their time during 2013 to do this purely because, like me and you, they believe in our basic right to own, drive and enjoy whatever the hell we want, providing its safe, and we obey the road rules. Fair call you would think, but unfortunately things have become lopsided because there are ministers and others in places of power who don’t have any interest in modified, or old, or specialist weekend use vehicles at all, and their narrow mindedness makes them think that because it doesn’t interest them, it shouldn’t interest anyone at all, ever. They don’t understand why or how anyone actually enjoys driving, they don’t know why anyone would want to improve the way their car accelerates, or stops, or handles, or looks. They don’t know why anyone would want to personalise what is the biggest investment outside of the family home they will probably ever make. It’s like saying why would you want to choose your own jacket and have it modified to fit you, when a plain old biege cardigan can be bought easily and will keep you just as warm.

So, 2013 is just the beginning, there are runs on the board and we still batting, the key thing here is we remain united, and we have our number counted. If you’re a genuine car enthusiast, then you know this is the time that matters. We stand, we support, we see the big picture and we are committed. If you’re reading this then you’re counted through your affiliation via your club to the ASMF. All good.

This year also bought us the AMEP who surprised many by taking a truckload of votes at the Federal election back in Sept. Come July 2014; motoring enthusiasts now have a political voice at the biggest table in the country. Same again, folks getting off their ass, putting in the hard yards to support what they believe in, putting their necks on the line for us. The key thing here is to remember, and always look past the BS the mass media, and the government will use to twist and distort everything to suit their own ends. Don’t believe a word of it. Do your own research, make your own mind up. Lets make 2014 the year we get a fair deal.

Darryl Elliot